Pastors & Staff

Meet the team.

Our leadership team consists of men and women devoted to God’s purposes in growing an intimate relationship with God,
allowing Jesus to live through us – simply put we are disciples seeking to make other disciples.

We seek to live our lives in such a way that our authentic self comes through rather than judging or shaming.  
We seek to meet people where they are and building them up in this most holy faith.


Lead Pastor

Faith Baptist Church of Harney County is forming a pastor search committee and will be looking for a new pastor in the very near future.  


Associate Pastor

We  are currently in search for an associate pastor.
Taking application.  Contact church office in link below.


Worship Director

Hi, this is Eric.  I’m so glad you’re here today.  Here is a bit about me.  I was raised in Gresham, OR.  In 1992 I married my beautiful wife, Kristine; we hold hands constantly still!  In 1997 I suffered complete kidney failure.  In 1998 my wife donated a kidney to me.  It lasted 23.5 years and in 2021 I went back on dialysis.  We do home hemodialysis 5 days a week.  In 2023 I had a cardiac tamponade and almost went to see my Savior.  I feel exceedingly blessed to be here and very thankful to be able to praise the Lord in worship. After many years of prayer, in 2006 our precious son Noah was born.  We have a fantastic worship team and my son Noah takes part in it as a Djembe drummer. I have been helping with the audio/video aspect of our church for 10 years.  In 2023, I was asked to become the church’s Worship Team Leader. I feel thrilled to be able to use the gifts our Lord and Savior gave me to praise His name. I would sincerely appreciate helping you praise His name too, feel free to check us out. Thank You for taking the time to read about FBC. 


Youth Pastor

We  are currently in search.

Gabi  Johnson


Coming soon...


Childrens Director

Info coming soon...


Bill Cramer - Moderator
Robin Cramer - Clerk
Peggy Asmussen - Assistant Clerk
Sharon Davis - Treasurer
Gabi Johnson - Asst. Treasurer


Bill Cramer - Chair/Finance
                                       - Building & Grounds
John Friedrichsen - Missions
Andy Swingle - Men's Ministries
Dustin Johnson - Guest Services


Joe Davis
Tom Davis
Doug Cawlfield
Cliff Asmussen


Sharon Davis - Socials
Lori Ott - Kitchen & Receptions
Louise Colvin - Meals & Housing
Brandy Branstetter - Nursery
Heather Baker - Cards & Flowers
Jolene Cawfield - Women's Ministries